Glen Parva Parish Council

Serving the people of Glen Parva

Parish Council Manager: Jayne Pollard
Parish Council Office, Dorothy
Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicester

Financial Information

Accounts 2017-18

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Auditor Report


Financial Regulations

Grants and Donations

  • Grants 2008 (MS Word, 1.5 Mb)

    Epilepsy Action

  • Grants 2009 (MS Word, 438 Kb)

    Animal Aid

  • Grants 2010 (MS Word, 49 Kb)

    Alzheimer's Society

  • Grants 2011 (MS Word, 22 Kb)

    Coping with Cancer and Wishes 4 Kids

  • Grants 2012 (MS Word, 552 Kb)

    Pancreatic Cancer

  • Grants 2013 (MS Word, 22 Kb)

    Turner Education Foundation

  • Grants 2014 (MS Word, 22 Kb)


    Befriends through Community Action Partnership

    Commbus Project

    Citizens Advice

    Turner Education Foudation

    MS Society

Contracts Awarded

Here's a list of contracts to business and to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector

Payments To Suppliers

The attached reports list the total payments to suppliers.

Publication of this list forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and transparent with its residents. If you have any queries concerning the information, please email the clerk to the council.

We have saved the spreadsheets as CSV files so that they can be easily read in a variety of applications, however the CSV format uses a standard column width and not all entries may be completely visible. To view all the data, you will need to expand the columns. You can do this by selecting all the cells in the file (the grey box beside column A and above row 1), and then clicking on Format / Column / AutoFitSelection.

FINANCIAL YEAR 2016 - 2017



Councillor Allowances and Expenses.

No councillor is paid an allowance with the exception of the Chairman.

The Chairman has an allowance of £200 per year to defray the cost of performing this role.

Councillors can claim travel expenses at the maximum of 45p per mile when travelling outside the parish on council business.

All such claims are signed off by the full council.