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A new wildlife website has been set up to record and showcase the wildlife and green spaces of Glen Parva. The website is run by Leicestershire charity NatureSpot, with the support of the Parish Council and Leicestershire County Council.

The Glen Parva NatureSpot website encourages local residents to add records of any wildlife seen locally, including any photos, to help raise awareness of the plants and animals living around us. All records are passed onto the County Council's Environmental Records Centre and national wildlife recording schemes to help build the knowledge-base of wildlife populations in Britain.

All Leicestershire parishes should support over 1,000 wildlife species, indeed one of the NatureSpot parishes, Sapcote, has clocked up nearly double this number – and the list keeps growing! We want to know about common wildlife and particularly that found in gardens – from birds and butterflies to slugs and weeds. If you don't know what species it is then NatureSpot will even identify it for you – just take a photo and submit it on the website.

The Glen Parva NatureSpot website includes an interactive map of the parish, with links to pages for nearby 'Wild Places' (more will be set up over time), a list of recent wildlife sightings, a gallery of images and statistics of all the species recorded. Elsewhere on the NatureSpot website you will find a detailed guide to all the wildlife found so far in Leicestershire, illustrated with images taken by local people. You can help add to this by submitting photos of wildlife – the best are selected for display.

The website keeps track of all your records and images so you can easily see what species you've recorded and how many of your images have been used in the species library.

Everyone can help by submitting wildlife records, just visit NatureSpot and you will be guided through the user-friendly form. If anyone has a particular interest in wildlife and would like to further help develop the NatureSpot website in Glen Parva then please contact

To view our new website, go to and select our parish from the menu.

Leicestershire County Council Wildflower Verge Project.