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Posted: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 13:36 by Jayne Pollard



Barn Owls do not "build" a nest as such but lay their eggs directly onto the previous years' nest debris – a compacted layer of owl pellets. About 10% of pairs may breed twice in one year and on average, 4-6 eggs are laid. Second clutches are normally laid in July, sometimes in the same nest cavity and sometimes before the first brood has left! However most second clutches are laid in an alternative nest place at the same site or nearby.

Glen Parva Parish Council in helping to ensure the future of the species and to give access to people who want to observe these incredibly beautiful birds, has erected two pole-mounted barn owl boxes on Meadow 3 and Meadow 4 at the Local Nature Reserves. The boxes have been named 'Jo' (Meadow 3) and 'Small' (Meadow 4), in memory of Jo Small.

It is gratifying to note that at least one of the boxes is already in use.

The Parish Council thanks the Leicestershire County Council for facilitating this scheme, the Glen Parva Local Nature Reserve Volunteers, who built the boxes and Western Power, which erected the poles.

Photo: Rod Kirkpatrick, Western Power

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