Glen Parva Parish Council

Serving the people of Glen Parva

Parish Council Manager: Jayne Pollard
Parish Council Office, Dorothy
Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicester

Park and Stride- Dorothy Avenue Car Park.

Park and Stride- Dorothy Avenue Car Park.

If you drive your children to Glen Hills Primary School, please make use of our car park under the park and stride initiative.

Traffic gets quite heavy around the school so we urge you to walk if you can or park at the memorial hall on Dorothy Avenue, walking the rest of the way to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please note that the second car park at the memorial hall is currently locked at the following times during the week:
Mondays and Tuesday- 2.00pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- 4.00pm
The first car park by the entrance can still be used after these times.

The image shows the car park on Dorothy Avenue, Glen Parva.

Posted: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 13:33 by Rachel Ayton

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